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eV&B Bulletin: August 23, 2010

eVB logoIt feels like its been a long time coming but with my foot sufficiently healed I'll be going on my first mission of 2010 to Kitale, Kenya. According to the good folks at world66.com, Kitale is "a good-sized town north of Kakamega in the western highlands, and is a very productive agricultural area."

Workers Together With Him will once again be partnering with Rev. John Robert Opio, the Founder of Christian Life Teachings International. From their mission statement we learn that "CLTI was founded to provide intensive modular courses in the Bible, Theology, and Ministry skills to rural pastors and church leaders who do not have formal education in locations across Uganda and Kenya." We have worked with CLTI in Mbale, Uganda in 2004, in Idudi, Uganda in 2005, in Nakaloke, Uganda in 2007 and again in 2008. Jay Pearson will be accompanying me on this mission. He will be teaching his series called Questions Seldom Asked and Answers Seldom Heard and I will be teaching my seminar called In the Power of His Might. We will be departing the US on 24 September and returning on 4 October. We would very much appreciate your prayers for this mission.

In November, Evan Pyle and I will be returning to Madungulu Village in Tanzania forwtwh tz logo another presentation of In the Power of His Might. This mission has suffered numerous setbacks, first because of a scheduling conflict with my interpreters, then because of my foot injury, and then because of the exorbitant price of summertime travel. God willing, our November mission will go off as planned.

This logo is "Workers Together With Him" in the Maa language. We are happy to report that the roof has been raised at the Rev. Yohanna Ngekee Maasai Worship and Historical Center in Madungulu (for more information on this project, click here). WTWH is particularly grateful to Evelyn Paraboy Kaney of WTWH-TZ for her work in coordinating the effort. Here are some PHOTOS that she took as the building was being constructed.

Finally, all these months at home have not gone to waste. Since I was unable to travel, I have used the time for studying and writing, writing and rewriting. I am very happy that the second edition of If Ye Do These Things, Ye Shall Never Fall is now in print, and my newest book, The Principles of the Doctrine of Christ, should be printed within a few months.

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God bless you and thanks for your support.


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