Lesson 2: Repentance From Dead Works

These questions require a SCRIPTURAL response. Use your Bible to find the answers. Your answers are NOT limited to the exact verses cited in the class or book. However, if your answer contradicts the verses that were cited, you should be able to explain why those verses are not relevant to the subject. Remember, the Word of God cannot contradict itself.


  1. Why did Christ Jesus come into the world?

  2. Why are people so resistant to correction?

  3. What leads a man to repentance?

  4. What are the two kinds of sorrow?
  5. What kind of sorrow did Esau show?
  6. How is the sign of true repentance?
  7. Why is God so longsuffering towards mankind?
  8. What are dead works?
  9. How can we frustrate the grace of God?
  10. What is the one authentic living work that man can do?


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For Further Study:

Read Chapter 2 in The Principles of the Doctrine of Christ.

Discuss the following:

When are the three great truths of 1 Timothy 1:15?

How does Jesus "purge your conscience from dead works to serve the living God"?


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