Lesson 5: The Laying on of Hands

These questions require a SCRIPTURAL response. Use your Bible to find the answers. Your answers are NOT limited to the exact verses cited in the class or book. However, if your answer contradicts the verses that were cited, you should be able to explain why those verses are not relevant to the subject. Remember, the Word of God cannot contradict itself.


  1. How do we enter the Kingdom of God?
  2. What does Ezra teach us about the hand of God?
  3. Why were the Israelites able to cross the Red Sea and the Jordan River?
  4. What allowed the enemies of the Israel to triumph over them?
  5. What made the early church to flourish?
  6. Why is it that God is always "for us"?
  7. What was Job’s desire in his day of trouble?
  8. Who is the mediator between men and God?
  9. Why is the humanity of Christ highlighted in that verse?
  10. Why can we lay our hands on others in his name?


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For Further Study:

Read Chapter 5 in The Principles of the Doctrine of Christ.

Discuss the following:

How does knowing about the principle of the laying on of hands enhance your relationship with Jesus?

What price did Jesus pay so he could lay his hands on our lives?


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