Lesson 6: The Resurrection of the Dead

These questions require a SCRIPTURAL response. Use your Bible to find the answers. Your answers are NOT limited to the exact verses cited in the class or book. However, if your answer contradicts the verses that were cited, you should be able to explain why those verses are not relevant to the subject. Remember, the Word of God cannot contradict itself.


  1. Why is the Resurrection of the Dead so important to our faith?
  2. What was the lie the serpent told Eve?
  3. What are the four stages of human life according to Ecclesiastes 3:2?
  4. How does Psalm 13:3 describe the state of death?

  5. How much awareness is there in death?
  6. Biblically, what is the "grave"?
  7. Biblically, who goes to hell when they die?
  8. What are the two kinds of resurrection?
  9. What are the one name for these two resurrections?
  10. How do we know we will see life after death?


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For Further Study:

Read Chapter 6 in The Principles of the Doctrine of Christ.

Discuss the following:

What are the three stages of the Resurrection of the Just?

How are the experiences of Enoch and Elijah similar to the Rapture?


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