Class Guidelines

Hosting a WTWH seminar, and general class guidelines for students:

Class Availability:

Our seminars are available upon request, schedule permitting. For classes run within the USA, a minimum of two months' notice is requested; outside the USA, three months' notice is needed. Interpreters will be required for non-English-speaking classes.

Class Fees:

The ministers of WTWH do not expect compensation for their teaching service, nor for their transportation, food or lodging expenses during a class. In the same way, it is the responsibility of each participating student to manage his or her own expenses (transportation, food, lodging, etc.) for the duration of the seminar.

Depending on their situation, students may be asked to contribute toward the costs of the presentation (venue fees, refreshments, etc.). Any such arrangements will be clearly stated before the seminar begins.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. If I enroll in this class, must I attend every session?

If you are a first-time student, yes. Visitors are welcome but they will not be considered part of the student body. In classes where certificates of completion are awarded, only those who attend every session will receive one.

2. Do I need to bring my Bible to class? If so, which one?

When possible, students should bring a Bible to class. In presentations to English-speaking students, the Authorized King James version is recommended.

3. Are students allowed to ask questions?

Yes, but only at appropriate times – before or after a class session, or during times in class specially set aside for questions.

4. May I take notes during the class?

Absolutely. However, please do not allow your note-taking to interfere with listening in the class! If what you are hearing is true, the Holy Spirit will bring it to your remembrance (see John 14:26). If it is not true, it is better to forget it!

5. Is it possible to be expelled from this class?

Regretfully, this has proven to be a necessary provision. Anyone who continues to disturb the class or teacher during the presentation after adequate warning will be dismissed.

6. I am interested in taking this class, but I do not know enough people in my area to schedule a presentation. What should I do?

Please CONTACT US and let us know of your interest. There may be others in your situation who could agree upon a central location for the class.