By Sis. Winfred Amwayi


It was early in the morning on the 26th of March 2009, when I, Winfred Amwayi, along with pastor Boniface Makanda, went to meet Rev. Tim Sullivan and Rev. David Mantock at the Kenyatta International airport. Pastor Boniface’s "son in Christ" owns a taxi and he took us to the airport. We were delayed on the way due to the traffic jam, and when we arrived at the airport, Rev. Tim and Rev. David were waiting for us outside. That was my first time to be in an airport so pastor Boniface led us in. What a joy filled my heart when I saw them, and I thanked God for the safe journey that the Lord had given them.

The joy flooded my heart because I knew that it was an answered prayer. My pastors used to ask me every now and then if Rev. Tim and Rev. David will come. My answer was always, "Their coming is well confirmed." Peace settled in my heart.

Pastor Boniface loaded up their luggage and we all took off. Because of the morning traffic it took some time to reach the bus stage where we would take another vehicle west to Kisumu. By the time we reached the stage, the time was against us. We had a long way to go and our visitors did not have any time to rest. As good soldiers, they simply wanted to see the work of the Master done.

We travelled by passenger van to Kisumu because it is faster than the large bus. Even though the journey was long and tiresome, we enjoyed seeing the zebras, baboons, gazelles and other wild animals as we travelled. We reached Kisumu around 6:00 PM where we planned to transfer to another vehicle to get to Kakamega. The driver had pity on our situation and asked his boss to allow him to take us all the way to Kakamega. The boss agreed and told the driver to make sure we reached our final destination. This is the favor of God that was upon us.

When we reached the house of Brother Laban, his manservant opened the gate and the bus entered. Pastor Eliud was there ready to meet us. Mrs. Laban came also to welcome us in her house. Prayer was made and as they took tea, I got our luggage from the vehicle. We took our supper and because of the long day’s journey, pastor Eliud requested that the first session be delayed one hour so that the visitors might have enough rest.

On Friday, 27 March at 10:00 AM, the seminar began. The lesson was "If Ye Do These Things, Ye Shall Never Fall," taught in nine sessions over a two-day period. Rev. Tim expounded on the eight precepts of 2 Peter 1:5-8 which, when followed, "makes us neither barren nor unfruitful in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ." He began laying the foundation on the character of the apostle Peter from the time the Lord Jesus Christ called him to the time of his crucifixion. From the beginning, we saw Peter leaning on his senses. He was human and at some time we saw him opposing the will of God when our Lord Jesus Christ was about to be crucified. We saw him denying Jesus three times. But our Lord Jesus did not give up on him. After the resurrection, Jesus restored Peter and charged him to feed his flock. We saw Peter now writing to us about the things that we need to do to stand for God. On this day, Rev. Tim handled three sessions.

The next day Rev. Tim taught tirelessly until he finished the six sessions that had remained. Between the sessions, we had ten minute breaks. During this time, I walked around and heard students discussing the things that they were learning. It was as if the eyes of their understanding had been enlightened. There were some students who came purposing to attend only one session only but when they stepped in the class and listened to the teachings, it was as if there was a magnetic force attracting them to stay. Rev. Tim taught precept upon precept, line upon line, a little there and a little here (see Isaiah 28:10). The students wanted to know how each precept built upon the other.

After the end of the seminar, pastor Eliud allowed some students to share how the teachings helped them. One who spoke was Sis. Dorcas, the leader of the intercessory group. She had missed some of the teaching because of her job. She said that when the servant of God was ministering, she was receiving a new revelation of the Word of God. Her eyes were full of tears. This is the statement that released from her mouth: "Truly this is what God wanted us to hear."

We crowned it all by Rev. David taking photographs of us together with our teacher. I thank God so much for Rev. David, who was interceding for us during the meetings.

My church leaders asked them to minister in our Sunday service. Rev. David handled the first session and Rev. Tim the second. When those who had missed the seminar listened to the servants of God ministering, they regretted they missed the seminar and promised that if we will have another seminar where Rev. Tim will be ministering, they will not miss it. We give God all the glory.

We left to Brother Laban’s place where we took our lunch. Brother Laban offered to drive us to Harambee where we were to have the next seminar. We gladly accepted his offer. In Harambee, we met a group of pastors waiting for us. They led us to the house of Brother Tom where we were to put up. Prayer and introductions were made and our brothers from Kakamega returned home. After taking our supper, we were left to rest because of the program that was to begin the next day at 9:00 AM.

On 30 March the seminar began. The lesson that was to be handled in this class was "In the Power of His Might." Taught in 29 one-hour sessions over a five-day period, we received doctrinal and practical instruction concerning the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit as listed in 1 Corinthians 12:8-10.

At first the turn out was not so good, but as the Bible says, where two or three people gather in the name of the Lord Jesus, there he will be in their midst. The number of the students increased every day as they heard what other students were saying about the revelation of the Word of God they were receiving. On the last day, he crowned it by teaching on the action gifts. After that, he prayed for each one of us as he gave us prophecy. We finally went out and Rev. David took photographs.

We came back to the house and took supper and rested. We woke up very early in the morning of 4 April to travel back to Nairobi. We took a taxi to Eldoret and a passenger van the rest of the way to Nairobi. In Nairobi, one of the drivers of Grace College took us to the mission. Sunday morning we fellowshipped at the Glory Church and in the evening we escorted Rev. Tim and Rev. David to the airport.

Since you left Kakamega, I am seeing a difference in the ministry of the Word in the church. Those people who attended the seminar, when they stand to minister, they teach people to preach the Word of God but not stories and philosophy. They encourage people to know Christ and the power of his resurrection and that the Word of God is God’s breath, that God will perform his word, but not other words.

The burden that I have most is this work of WTWH ministry in Kenya. My prayer is that as God helps us to do this work in this land, he may glorify himself in it. I pray that the people he brings on our way will have a teachable spirit, ready to learn, and that God through the power of the Holy Spirit will help us to minister the way we ought to.

May Jehovah God bless the WTWH ministry and meet with all their needs so that through them, many may be enlightened on the word of God. Thank you for the effort that you are making to reach many people with the gospel of truth.



Other Testimonies

Beloved Brethren,
Our continued prayer is that God will grant you the grace and open more doors for your most valued ministry to reach many more. We look forward for future engagements with you.
May His blessings accompany you wherever you go. Please pass our love to all family members and brethren.

Yours in the Lord’s Vineyard,
Pastors Eliud & Stephen



Rev. Tim passionately warned the class to count the cost of following Christ because each of us will give an account of how and what he did with the flock of God. He encouraged the class that if we faithfully and honestly serve God, He will supply our needs.

As Rev. Tim continued unveiling the truth of the scriptures to the class, some of the students later in the day during free time applauded the teachings as they were some of the greatest revelations ever in their lives.

Most of the students liked the teachings and on the last day as Rev. Tim was talking about the action gifts, the mood of prayer developed. Rev. Tim led us into a prayer of repentance after which he laid hands on each student and gave a word of prophecy. The day ended with a word of prayer from one of the pastors.

The entire students thanked Rev. Tim for taking time to come and equip the saints in Harambee for the good work of ministry and pray that you come again.

God bless,
Pastor Pius Masikana
Harambee - Kenya



From the June 2009 issue of The Vine & Branches