By Evelyn Paraboy

I remember going to church, when Pastor Ngekee started his work in Matebete. He used drawings and the examples that I or any Maasai can understand. I enjoyed going to church and listening to that man of God teach. The church was always full of people especially during Christmas. Pastor Ngekee prayed for the sick often. During those prayers he always had a line in there that said in Maa, Teniwok engare neaku olchan. It means when you drink water, let it heal you. This phrase has stuck with me ever since I heard it.

No wonder why I liked the prayer sessions we had each morning when Rev. Tim came to Matebete in January 2009, even though I found myself crying most of the time. I saw many people request prayers for different needs that they have in their lives. God used his servants Rev. Tim and Rev. Paulo to touch and heal those with needs.

I helped Tim by interpreting when he taught. As Tim was teaching, I noticed that he used simple examples that any Maasai can easily relate to in his or her daily life. People were able to connect and follow what was being said. I enjoyed being part of this mission to my village. All memories of Pastor Ngekee were coming back to me. But what is important is that the work that he started in the village will be continued. Glory to God for this work and the healing it has and will bring to people.

I enjoyed being part of WTWH mission. While I was at the village, I was part of the construction committee that was formed to oversee construction of the worship and historical center. I believe so much in the role of the historical and worship center. I am hoping that we can get the funding to finish building the center.

I am finishing up my MBA in August 2009. I am planning to go back home to Tanzania sometime next year. I will be looking for employment in accounting or financial firms. It takes a long time to secure employment in Tanzania. I have a friend who went back in May 2008; until March 2009 she was still looking for a job. I am putting together a business plan to open an internet café in Mbeya while I am looking for a job. I hope the center will be complete by that time. I will be spending some time collecting stories and items for the worship center.



From the June 2009 issue of The Vine & Branches