By Rev. Paulo Kurupashi

ngekee and paulo The mission of 13–22 January 2009 began the fifth year of Workers Together with Him ministry working among the Maasai in Tanzania. In December 2004, Rev. Tim and Rev. Evan came to Maasai land and met Rev. Yohana Lewan’an Ole Ngekee doing mission work among the Maasai. Rev. Ngekee was the first Christian Maasai, the first evangelist, and the first pastor among the Maasai people ("Parakuiyo") living in South Tanzania. He ministered in different areas in Tanzania and Kenya such as Mbeya, Iringa, Morogoro, Tanga, Manyara, and Arusha. Rev. Ngekee ministered in difficult situations. For many years the Maasai rejected both him and Christianity as the message from God. His family and his relatives rejected him too, none of them supported his mission work among Maasai people, and he stayed away from his family for five years. For nine years, he worshiped alone under a tree without a church. He was very happy when he met WTWH ministers Tim and Evan. They ministered together in Matebete, Mahango, Manawala and Morogoro (Mabwegele, Parakuyo and Melela).

Rev. Ngekee had the anointed and prophetic message to the lost sheep of God, the Maasai. Today the Maasai are beginning to understand what Ngekee was preaching, because now they witness many of his prophesies coming to pass. It is unfortunate that the Maasai started to listen to him only in his final years. It seemed as if his death would condemn the Maasai to continue in their old ways of unbelief, superstition, and the worship of false gods.

January 2009 was the first trip for WTWH to minister in Maasai land since the death of Pastor Ngekee. It was somehow difficult to believe but through the power of God they managed to minister. One day Rev Tim, along with beloved brother Daniel Bucher, went to visit Rev. Ngekee’s family. It was a very difficult day and it felt like the day when he died. It is very difficult to accept that Rev. Ngekee is no longer with us, since many of the Maasai came to understand, listen to and love him. It was even difficult for the interpreters to continue when his eldest son Nashoni was speaking to Rev. Tim about his father’s death, because of their own tears, and the tears of love of his family and coworkers.

Nashoni told Rev. Tim that his father had left a last word to him; he said that his father realized his mortal life was coming to an end, and he began talking about Rev. Tim and the Workers Together with Him ministers who are doing mission work among the Maasai. Nashoni said his father opened his mouth and spoke to him in a polite way about WTWH ministry, and he said "Tell Rev Tim, I have done my part. I leave the mission work among Maasai in his hands." Then he died. This reminds me of the last words of Jesus Christ to Apostle Peter before Jesus ascended to heaven. He said, "Peter do you love me? Feed my people" (see John 21:15–17).

The Maasai Historical Center was one of the dreams and visions of Rev Ngekee, a place where Maasai people could meet for classes and seminars to learn the Word of God, and a place where Maasai history shall be preserved for future generations to learn. The Maasai have started making the house, and we have agreed to name it the REV. YOHANA LEWANG’AN OLE NGEKEE CENTER for his remembrance.

It is our prayer that Rev. Ngekee’s vision for the Maasai in the Kingdom of heaven comes to pass by the power and the grace of God through Jesus Christ. Rev. Ngekee saw God’s grace in placing Workers Together With Him ministry among Maasai to fulfil his dreams and bring together the lost sheep of God, so that one day all might come unto his salvation and have peace and joy. Praise the Lord. Hallelujah.



From the June 2009 issue of The Vine & Branches