Reflections on the 10th Anniversary of WTWH

From the beginning, the ministry of WTWH has presented itself as a service that is committed to an honest dealing with the things of God. WTWH does not pleases itself in self-chosen "religion," but through the working of the Holy Spirit, the Scripture is interpreted and presented to mankind, not only in word, but also in the power of the Holy Spirit. Again and again, WTWH is a source of inspiration, which does not stay in rigid structures but follows the work of the Spirit.

WTWH is not about numbers, but an individual working with people, who in return use their God-given gifts for edification, exhortation and comfort.

May WTWH continue to be a service to the furtherance of the ministry of the Holy Spirit, a service of peace, a service in which Jesus Christ delights to be glorified!

Rudolf Illavský
Vienna, Austria 

Dear Tim,

When I chose to attend the Weapons of Our Warfare seminar in Cornwall, England in April 2000, I did not really know what to expect but I recall being excited about it as I felt inspired by God to "give it a go" when I first heard about it at a fellowship in my home city of Dublin, Ireland about three months previously.

As I listened to the presentation of the seminar, I was really taken with the clarity whereby you outlined each of the nine gifts of the Spirit of God and the instructions regarding their use. By the end of the seminar I felt I was on a more firm footing in my walk with God and became more eager to tell others about the gifts and how they can be used for the glory of God and the benefit of each believer. I was also excited about experiencing the full water baptism for the first time.

Since then I know that I have grown considerably, not alone spiritually but also mentally and emotionally and even socially as well.

I have subsequently attended the Weapons of Our Warfare seminar a couple of times and also other seminars presented by you and I am now convinced that only God can teach His holy Word and impart spiritual truths to His elect.

I am really thankful to our Heavenly Father and His beloved and most obedient Son, and also yourself for contributing substantially to my life and witness.

With much love and many thanks,

In His service,

Dermot Byrne
Dublin, Ireland

Dear Tim,

We, as a family have been very blessed to have been involved in this ministry of WTWH for the past 10 years. I believe Almighty God leads us in our walk of development and maturity.

This ministry has been developed by God through Tim’s dedication to develop seminars, teachings and sharings adequate for his audiences. From the first time we met, we have found in Tim a counsellor, teacher mentor and friend.

We have developed in many ways through WTWH, and learned that the Bible cannot be understood by our natural minds but only as God reveals it to our hungry hearts by spirit and truth.

I personally have learned that God confirms his word by two or three witnesses, and this has helped me on numerous occasions and in times of indecision, to wait on him and that clarity will come.

In closing I pray that this ministry continues to grow and go forward in honesty, humility and love.

In His service,

Rev. Jerome Lucas
South Harrow, England

Dear Tim,

Please receive this thank you note for all your labour of love toward me and my family throughout the years. As the word of God reassures, "God is not unrighteous to forget your work and labour of love, which ye have shewed toward his name, in that ye have ministered to the saints, and do minister" (Heb. 6:10). Though men are unjust at times and do forget, God doesn’t and I just want you to know that I haven’t forgotten either. How could I forget when being at the brink of despair having lost the way together with others from Thessaloniki were led to our upper room that hot summer to meet with the God of second chances? How could I not acknowledge how you humbly stepped out of the way to show us our long neglected lord and saviour Jesus Christ? How you ministered the word of God with grace and power? How you led us to the waters of baptism and spoke over us His divine words? How over the golden beach of Thassos you ordained me to the ministry God entrusted to me? Finally how you continue ministering to us by example and word, in ways seen and unseen, in prayer and study of the word? Thank you for being such a blessing to us all, for Workers Together With Him being what the name suggests, and continuing in the same spirit, namely the spirit of the living God.

With love and appreciation

Rev. Dimitris Pelidis
Thassos, Greece

I came in contact with WTWH in 2003 in a small town of Kyela in southern Tanzania. Little did I know that God had a divine appointment for me. I attended The Weapons Of Our Warfare seminar. The teachings were exceptional. I had never attended a seminar so rich in the Word like that. While listening to the teachings I wondered if it would be possible to host this class in Uganda where I come from. I saw that these teachings were so much needed there, and not only there but the whole body of Christ in the world.

Glory be to God who gives us our hearts desires that are in line with his desires. In 2004 I was able to organize meetings for WTWH in Uganda, and since that time the Lord has helped me to coordinate classes for WTWH in different parts of Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya. I give praise to God for the many lives that have sat under the teachings of Rev. Tim and the rest of WTWH team. I know it is heaven to tell the fruit of this work, but I know that there are lives that have been change and touched.

Since meeting WTWH a lot changed in me. I started having a balanced way of seeing scriptures. As preachers there many times when we get one verse and make a "big show" out of it without balancing it with other verses. I started dividing the word of truth rightly. My knowledge of the Word of God also increased and this changed my way of preaching.

In 2005 I had the privileged of being joined together with the love of my life in holy matrimony by Rev. Tim. I count this dear to me because this is a very important occasion in one’s life. In 2007 I was ordained by the same ministry so I have blessed beyond words.

One of the outstanding things that I saw in all the people that have been coming to Africa with this ministry is their humility. We would sleep wherever God would put us, travel on the roughest terrain, eat food we are not used to, but it has all been for the Glory of God.

In the part of the world where I live, many people hope to make a friend of a white person (Mzungu as we call them here) and then they think they have a god of provision. Deep within me I have always known that all people are the same – they have the same struggles, have financial hardships everywhere. But I had never worked closely with a Mzungu so I never knew if my assumptions were right. Meeting these guys helped me to stay with my assumption and I can happily say that WTWH has helped me grow in faith in God. They have not been my gods but they have shown me that there is a God who is the Father of all and he provides for his children.

Thank you WTWH for showing me that God is my Father and He alone has enough to provide for all his sons. May the Lord give you many years of blessing hearts.

Rev. Henry Musana
Kawempe, Uganda 

Workers Together With Him has helped me in so many ways. Being a part of WTWH has helped develop my Christian life to the full, to the degree that it helps me to be a good example to others. Others outside fellowship come to me and want to know more about my Christian walk because of the things I show them or talk about. The fruit they see in my life intrigues them and they want to know how they can achieve the same thing.

I have been privileged to be taught in-depth about the gifts of spirit and many other key subjects that all Christians should learn, know and put in practice which are rarely taught anywhere else with truth, accuracy and seriousness of knowing what we do now will affect our relationship with our heavenly Father, to whom we need to be totally relying upon 100% with no exceptions.

Here in England, we manage to travel around having house fellowships with each other so lots of brothers and sisters have responsibilities to hold fellowships and teach. Sharing responsibility and giving is an important thing to have in our lives, it also gives self worth and helps build confidence and a sense of belonging to one Body with the same like-minded people, led by those who are godly and able.

We are blessed to meet other deeply spiritually imbedded Christians that share their love with each other showing respect, harmony and most important of all, God’s love. Many are from other countries as Workers Together With Him is an international Body and we are blessed to have them come to us or for us to go to their home countries.

We have wonderful strong fellowship with one another, genuine and caring. The love is second to none and so I see my brothers and sisters as extended family members.

I have learned how to trust in the Lord. I now trust and love our heavenly Father with all my heart, mind, body and soul, and I believe this is why I see our heavenly Father work wonders in my life and gives me peace where most would have worries, anxieties and feel troubled or loneliness.

I am deeply blessed to belong to WTWH. We have many dedicated teachers and preachers who achieve a lot around the world reaching out to others in distant lands, so the blessing and God’s Word may be passed on to them, their families and communities. They learn, accept and believe in our Lord, and our heavenly Father makes huge changes in their lives.

Cyndi Diamond
London, England 

Dear Tim,

We started life with body and soul and answered God’s call through his Son Jesus Christ.

Now begins our life anew with that extra element of spirit. We are now not our own but we belong to God. Body soul and spirit a three part being. Our battle is now not only with the world outside of ourselves but the battle now rages within. Our old nature verses our new nature.

Because of this constant battle our path, journey our adventure through life can become very difficult. It is by the awareness of our sin nature and through repentance that we can truly continue to cleave unto our heavenly father and walk as true to our calling as we can.

Jesus Christ is the head of the One body. The body you and I are now a part of and have been for many years. Our walk has not always been straight or smooth or even true. But we have endeavoured with the help of our brothers and sisters in Christ to stay true to our calling, the path we have been asked by God to walk throughout our Christian lives.

We ourselves have been part of organizations within this One body which have proclaimed to be the way, the truth and the light. Other such churches are evidenced around the world as we speak. The grace of God is hard to comprehend or explain. Many people are brought to God via such churches and organizations. True and false doctrine is taught throughout the church today.

But it is in the teachings regarding the gifts of the Spirit where many fail. To teach the believer how to walk with God our heavenly Father while utilizing the gifts of the spirit and its many functions is certainly a testimony to the true nature of any teacher or organization.

I praise God and his Son Jesus Christ that the true doctrine regarding the use of the gift I have been taught. This has happened through the ministry God has blessed or burdened you with, you pick. But I am blessed God put me in your path to be able to see the true nature of who I am in Christ.

It is certainly by my free will that I utilize this gift as I have been taught, and it brings me back to the beginning of this letter. That the battle lies within ourselves. To walk by God’s will in our lives is our primary goal. To do this by our free will is a result of our discipline and motivation to please Him who has called us out of this world, to stand for him and proclaim the Kingdom of God here on earth at this time, our lifetime.

Thanks for the last 10 years. May you continue to run the race that has been set before you, as God has set you in the ministry of his grace.


David Waterhouse
Southampton, England

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I would like to celebrate the tenth anniversary of WTWH with prayers and many thanks to God and to the ministers. Likewise I would love to share with you this story:

In Maasae land, in one of the village, lived a family of three children. The youngest was four years old. They all lived happy life. One day after dinner they all went for a sleep in their rooms. At midnight a thief came with fuel and a big lock. He locked the family inside their house and started a fire. The parents and the children tried to open the house to escape but they could not. The children cried and the parents cried for help. The fire began falling on their bodies and the thief ran away. The neighbors heard the cries and came to the house. They picked up a big stone and broke the door and the windows and took the family to the hospital for treatment and they were all were saved.

Dear sisters and brothers, that is what the devil did in the houses and bomas of the Maasae families in Tanzania, in Mwanavala, Madungulu, Mahango, Parakuyo, Mabwegere and Melela in Morogoro. Today we really thank Jesus for His love that He came down and opened the doors and windows of Maasae houses through Worker together With Him ministry. This ministry has been the hands and the instrument of Jesus Christ to open the doors of salvation among us Maasae. We have witnessed how the devil made life difficult in those villages to many families but after WTWH classes and prayers today they are full of life and love in the Christian faith. Together with Rev. Timu in Madungulu village we saw the tears of happiness and love from the women after morning prayers and counselling. Our prayers of thanks is for WTWH and its ministers. God bless you.

Rev. Paulo Kurupashi
Iringa, Tanzania



From the November 2009 issue of The Vine & Branches