Seemingly, a disciple’s dilemma can come in all shapes and sizes. The following poem expresses the heart of a disciple who, having tasted the joy of victory, comes to terms with the utter despair of failure.



By Todd Pekel

So long
I been down,
with aching feet for higher ground.
Time passes,
and life’s classes
teach lessons too easily forgotten.

No fun,
I can’t run;
responsibility fills my days now.
No breaks,
same mistakes
take their toll upon an anguished soul.

Where’s my faith?
I in a quiet place
longing desperately to explode.
Is that love
from above?
Or, are my kicks against the pricks?

Where to start?
After God’s own heart,
repent and start anew.
Alone again,
quiet end;
this time, I swear, I’ll see it through.

Feeling lost?
Count the cost.
How tall a tower must be built?
Jesus Christ
paid the price.
Greater grace is, than shame or guilt.

The past is past,
what’s on is on
not to be moved by envy or strife.
Will you also go away?
From Jesus far to stray?
Knowing, that He alone, has the words of Eternal Life.


©2010 Todd Pekel



From the February 2010 issue of The Vine & Branches