By Mery Kurubai

KORDUNI (Women’s Prayer Group)
Madungulu Village, Tanzania

First of all I would like to thank God, because we all know this seminar has taught us great things. And I thank God for the servants of God who have taught us, Tim and Evan, and for the servants in Madungulu, Evelyn and Paulo. Because you all have been used in one way or another to bring teachings to us, and I thank God for all of things that you have done.

I have learned that God knows our needs better than we do. We were taught about prayer and healing. Praise the Lord. All of us in attendance are servants of God, and each person has his own place. Some are like a drinking glass, some are like a thermos for tea, and some are like a big cooking pot for the fire. We are all servants of God, and each person has a duty. I thank God for this.

One of the stories I like in the Bible is when Jesus told his disciples to get a donkey for his use. The Lord told the servant, "If people ask you where you are taking this donkey, tell them the Master needs the donkey."

It is the same with Tim and Evan – it is God who has sent you here. And when God sent you, you did not say, "Oh, we are not going to go there!" You said, "Oh yes, we will go." Just like the donkey. The donkey did not refuse to go because it was God who needed the donkey. The donkey listened, and you guys listened too.

It is the same for the seminar participants. We too have many things to do in our houses, but we had the chance to come and we came, so that the Son of God could use us. We too have not refused. All of us are servants. Praise God.

(Translated into English from Maa by Evelyn Paraboy Kaney)



From the January 2011 issue of The Vine & Branches