The Principles of the Doctrine of Christ
Presented in Harrow, England


A big thank you to Rev. Tim Sullivan who kindly came all the way from the United States and shared his love, wisdom, grace, experience and the Word of God to all who attended his class called The Principles of the Doctrine of Christ. Everyone had a great and blessed experience which enriched their lives greatly with our Lord that weekend.

Tim’s class oozed lots of wisdom led by our Lord, firm direction to enlighten the senses of what is expected from a Christian. A lot of what was explained is normally missed by many either through lack of knowledge or direction from their teachers in which we are extremely blessed not to be in that kind of position.

The Word is straightforward and powerful; what you do is either for the Lord or against. God has given us the choice but not just in the major things in our lives but for every thought, action, word and deed, which is constant throughout our day, every day for the rest of our lives. This is a huge commitment in our eyes but if you look in what is in the future as promised in the word it is a small thing compared to what we will receive and worth every effort to have a happy, peaceful, everlasting life with our heavenly Father, basking in his love and light. Unless we allow our heavenly Father and his Son our Lord Jesus Christ to abide with us and us with them which is available to us, we don’t stand a chance as the world which is darkening with every year that goes by, just watch the news and it does not take long to see what is going on.

We need to be under God’s wings of protection, we need to be able to have spiritual power to defend ourselves from the adversary’s daily attacks on us, for we are easily deceived as the devil is so sly we are almost putty in his hands. Unless we have God in our lives, we will not survive on our own we have to fully be dependable on God. We are nothing without our heavenly Father’s love and protection.

So as it was clearly explained to us unless we follow God’s commandments we will not receive our heavenly Fathers protection, love and promises. It is down to us, it is our choice. To be able to do what we should we have to be grounded in deep roots, we need to have Jesus as our Rock to build our faith upon and stay strong when temptation falls upon us.

God bless,
Cyndi Diamond

Sally and I were very blessed by the simplicity of the teachings on The Principles of the Doctrine of Christ. These fundamental truths seem to have been lost over the years, and are so important in our spiritual growth.

We believe that for all those who attended, that they will find these truths a great asset in their continual walk with our heavenly Father. We were very thankful for Rev. Tim’s time with us and the joy of being with so many fellow believers; it was a taste of the gathering together.

Much love,
Graeme and Sally Abernethy

Tim shared in the first lesson that you never know the value of his teachings until after the seminar is finished and he has gone home. So after the class was over, I decided to start looking again at the foundation of my house, my Christian walk. Although my house was still standing, some of my foundation had crumbled. I had thought my house needed to be built on certain truths some of my teaching and foundation was not correct.

I had been looking at the basics of Christianity and what I need to teach others. This class helped me look at the doctrine of Christ in a way so I would be able to teach others as well as take me back to simple truths that my foundation needed to be built upon. Having my foundation right, what I now build on top will be more solid. And there will be value in that.

God Bless!
Elaine Waterhouse

When you read a book and then visit the cinema to see it on film, it is in the most part disappointing. After reading the book, The Principles of the Doctrine of Christ, and then being at the live teaching seminar, it was not disappointing. Being part of the live seminar brought the teaching of the Scriptures to life with greater understanding.

There is always an opportunity to meet the needs of a live audience with a deliverance led by the Spirit within. Taking the first principle as an example, repentance from dead works. To understand this from a practical understanding was uplifting.

To read the Scriptures is one thing but to live them is another. To have the understanding of how to live the principles from God’s Word is, I believe, one of the keys to Christian living, and with that, fulfilling the purpose God has for each of the lives he has called.

Thanks for enlightening the eyes of our understanding with a wonderful presentation of the Scriptures. May you continue to open the eyes and ears of all those you are called to touch.

In Christ,
Dave Waterhouse,

Thank you for teaching your class, The Principles of the Doctrine of Christ. It was an illuminating and enjoyable presentation of this sober yet vital topic for the Christian believer. As you said, you can only give us an outline in the time available, but it gives us a foundation, along with your book, to build our understanding in this area of our faith.

God bless you,
Richard Mizen

Ever since we received a invitation to attend the seminar we bough get very exited as we always knew that as a young couple, and also leaders at the local church, we need to seek God's kingdom and seek to know him more and more.

I must truly say that the seminar exceeded our expectations, though we had read Rev. Tim’s book before, we did not know him personally. We were surprised by the deep and solid content of his lecture.

Even during breaks we meet wonderful people and share incredible experiences. What an impact it has caused in our lives!

In our point of view, an event like this should happen more often and involve also more churches as we are all in need of a truly Christian principals in these days.

I think that such event improved and encouraged us to do more resources about the Gospel taught by Jesus. We were also very honored to be part of the event sharing the talent God gave us as a couple. This we did with joy.

In order that he may be glorified in us,
Danillo and Ester Barrios
The Brazilian Baptist Church in Harlesden, London



From the June 2011 issue of The Vine & Branches