Letter of Thanks

From Rev. Stephen Kingsley and his youth Bible study group
at the Craigmont Community Church in Idaho

Idaho Youth Group

May 20, 2011

Brother Tim,

God bless you and yours dear friend.

Our Wednesday night youth group successfully completed reading your book, "If Ye Do These Things ...". I began by giving each of our young people a copy of the book and told them it was there's to keep but that they could not take it home until we finished. Then, on subsequent Wed. nights I read out of the book while they followed along, "eyes on the page" in true Bro. Leonard style. Occasionally I would stop to explain the meaning of a word, ask them a question about the material, or expand on an idea you were presenting. I also allowed them to ask questions of me as we read along. I'm pleased to report that it worked quite well. Usually we spent about half an hour in this manner before heading to the Gym to play basketball. Our average attendance was around twenty each night, with perhaps as many as thirty participants in total.

Having done a bit of this kind of writing, I appreciate the challenge of choosing from all you know on a topic and writing to stay true to the truth and do so concisely. You did an excellent job. You are indeed a gifted teacher.

Though nothing fancy, I thought you would enjoy having this card featuring a photo of this group of young people that were touched by your book. It is my prayer, with yours, that indeed these dear ones will stay true to what they learned.

Yours with him,

Stephen Kingsley


From the June 2011 issue of The Vine & Branches