The Rev. Yohanna Ole Ngekee


ngekeeOne of the first Christians pastors among the Maasai people of Tanzania, Rev. Yohanna Ole Ngekee died in 2007 just as the fruit of his labors was becoming evident. Workers Together With Him is building a Maasai Worship and Historical Center in Matebete Village, near Chimala, Tanzania. This center will be named in honor of Rev. Ngekee. It will be used by the Maasai as a place to teach their children about their heritage, as well as a facility for nondenominational worship.

This project is moving ahead in stages, as we have money to devote to it. As of August 2010, the outer structure and the roof were complete (see photos by clicking HERE). Windows, doors, and some interior furnishings were added in 2012.

You can make a donation toward the Maasai Worship and Cultural Center HERE.

The following videos are about this center. First, an elder speaks on the need for it, and second, we have a tour of the site.

Adam Kuleit Mwarabu, a Maasai leader in PAICODEO (Parakuiyo Pastoralists Indigenous Community Development Organization) speaks on the importance of the Maasai Historical Center being built in Madungulu (Matebete) village.

Rev. Paulo Kurupashi takes us on a tour of the site for the Yohanna Ngekee Maasai Historical Center.